Some other fetishes I enjoy are

Soft Vore (You being swallowed  whole with no bloodshed)

Cannibal Fantasy Roleplay (The erotic desire of being  consumed by me)

This is only roleplay, since I only play consensual and safe without causing any permanent damage.

For more information on my sessions Call me (305) 519-6295

Light Nurse Play

  • Some of my favorites on the nurse role-play scenario are:
  • Providing enema
  • Full body  check up
  •  Pulse, temperature check up
  • Nurse roleplay
  • Prostate stimulation
  • Urethral sounding
  • Behavior modification therapy
  • Anal stretching ( Everything anal)

Available for sessions

Available for session

I am available for hourly session
Extended and overnight sessions
Dinner/theater dates
Shopping spree
Always tributing for my time

Toilet Training Session

  • Brown Shower
  • Golden Shower
  • Roman Shower
  • Ruby Shower

One of my favorites session are the showers, unfortunately it’s not for the curious subie. For this type of session you have to be willing and eager to serve me, you will enjoy receiving it, and at the end of your servitude will thank me for it.

For more information on toilet training sessions
Visit my other website.

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I will push your mental limits.

I will push your mental limits in a way no woman have done it before, making you feel extremely submissive and vulnerable, probably fearful of your own submissive helpless feelings and desires, I will own you body and mind. I am Catherine Hunter, a strong dominant woman.

You will belong to me

There’s no point on resisting it, body and soul, inside and outside, you know you will be mine! You will be my slave for ever.

Catherine Hunter.

About the tribute amount

Establishing a tribute amount is not black and white matter, there are  many factors influencing that decision . For me it’s as important as it is for you determining the right amount, as the perfectionist woman I am, the success of a session involves lots of  planning from both of us (time, money, gifts, etc) Calling is the best way to find out. I don’t discuss tribute over text or emails with those I have not meet before.

Catherine Hunter.

Heartless Cathy

(Consensual Non-consensual fantasy only)

I can be heartless, totally dominate you and turn you into my toilet slave, I know exactly what I want when I have a submissive man in front of me.

Where is My baby?

Mama is Waiting for you…


I Will be the strict or compassionate  mother, nanny or older sister who is taking care of you.

I enjoy putting my babies in a diaper, changing it, feeding, changing clothes, applying baby powder and scolding then if needed

I am very experienced with AB/DL

Call me mama! 


One of the many kinky pleasure we can experience together, I like to put my hand inside of you, all covered in lube and go inside… all the way inside, swimming like a fish, in and out, deeper and deeper, again and again.

I am very experienced fisting and providing anal training.

Roman Shower Sessions.

Roman shower!!! ahhhhhhhhhh.. what an intense experience. (Puke)

Roman shower is a session that needs some special preparation, to make it mild  on the smell and the flavor. Some of the food I avoid are lactose, coffee, eggs and spicy food. Be sure to contact me at least 1 day before to book your appointment.


Princess Cathy