I am a woman with an iron fist and a stronger heart


  I was raised to be a woman with an iron fist and a strong heart, born in the Venezuelan mountains, raised in Miami Fl.
My kinks developed at a perfect age, and they quickly bond with my sophisticated personality, dominance and self-control.
I can have a cold heart, when is about punishing, humiliating and putting you in place, I am strict, I don’t tolerate BS and correction is always for your own good.
From my toilet slave, I expect nothing less than perfect servitude; we can indulge in training you as a beginner or extreme play for those more experienced. I enjoy providing the 4 types of showers (golden, brown, ruby and roman)
Before becoming a pro-domme, being married for 7 year to a submissive cross-dresser extremely kinky male, helped me appreciate the beauty of personally enjoying fetishes, I enjoy many of them.
I worked on the medical field for a few yeas, kinky nurse is more than a role-play for me, it comes natural with a very sensual twist, however, only light nurse play, always safe and consensual, like any other fetishes I provide.

Here is a list of some of the fetish for my session, if you don’t find yours here, call me and let me know.
• Toilet training
• Slave training (Collar and leash)
• Strict Domination
• Humiliation
• Erotic Discipline and Control
• Discipline (Flogging, Caning, Bastinado, OTK, Paddles, and Crops)
• CBT / NT
• Complete Toilet Servitude
• Corporal punishment (Mild to sever)
• Domestic Discipline (OTK)
• Foot Worship (Clean, Dirty, Sweaty)
• Sissy- Training
• Bondage
• Trampling
• Role play (Always as a Dominant)
• Humiliation
• Mummification
• Light Nurse play
• E-Steam (Electric Stimulation)
I offer session in English and Spanish by appointments only.

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